The only product that the "US Fish and Wildlife Service" uses for complete odor control! They purchase directly from us….
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It's Safe

It’s safe because it’s organic and non-toxic. In fact, Odor-EndZyme is the only “free” enzyme that goes to work immediately. Since dormant bacteria take time to begin working, Odor-EndZyme is specially formulated with “free”, ready to work enzymes that break down organic matter on contact. That means Odor-EndZyme is the safest and surest way to get rid of disgusting smells, even around people and Pets .

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How it Works

Odor-EndZyme is effective because it utilizes USDA accepted, non-pathogenic High Activity Bacteria (HAB) cultures. Our friendly HAB's have been genetically engineered - “pumped up” - to out-perform competitive products. When you use Odor-EndZyme the life bacterial cultures and “free” enzymes immediately digest organic waste and odors on contact.

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After owning a carpet cleaning business for over 21 years now, we have never found any other product that works as well as Odor-EndZyme for odor elimination. Our customers are profoundly happy with this product and we felt we had to share it with others.

Chris and Danielle Kanso
MMS Carpet Cleaning
Vancouver, WA